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CLEARLY tell us (1). WHAT you plan to study?  and (2) HOW MUCH you can afford per year (We do not charge you anything, just want to know if you can come or not, OTHERWISE only waste time)


Admissions for March, 2019 already started now!  Following English taught Courses are available:

Pharmacy, MBBS and Master Courses;  Architecture, Aeronautical Eng., Software Eng., Civil Eng., Chemical Eng., Mechanical Eng;  BBA, Intl Economics and trade, Computer Science, and Chinese language learning。

Students who plan to enroll in March, 2019 should submit application asap.

How to Apply for Scholarships: 

1. First tell us what field you plan to study

2. Most scholarships are partial, even if we waive all of tuition, you STILL need to buy your food (120 - 150 USD per MONTH),and pay your accommodation(650-1100 USD /YEAR), when YOU decide to contact us, please well consider your financial ability 

3. Send us the required documents

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         Following English taught Programs are available

                     Medical Science taught in English at Excellent University

Pharmacy(tuition fee is 3188usd a yearAccommodation is 750-950usd yearly, food 120-140usd a Month)

MBBS(Tuition fee is 4057 USD/per year, Accommodation is 750-950usd yearly, food 120-140usd a Month)

Master courses(we have partial scholarship for Master students in medical science)

                     Engineering taught in English at Excellent University

Architecture / Software Eng. / Civil Eng. / Chemical Eng. / Business administration

(Tuition fee is 2464 USD/per year, Accommodation is 870usd yearly, food 120-140usd a Month)

Aeronautical Eng./Mechanical Eng./Telecommunication/Computer Science/Intl Economics & trade (Tuition fee is 2608 USD/per year, Accommodation is 750-950usd yearly, food 120-140usd a Month)


Students who are Interested in contact us asap (we need completed application documents, if you can not submit completed docs, we can not proceed further; After admission, you have to make tuition fee deposit to the University)


Chinese Language Learning - Tuition fee is 1750usd/year, Accommodation is about 800USD/year

Foundation program - you learn one year course at our univ and then get into Bachelor programs



  NOW Admissions for March, 2019 already started!
BEST-Value OFFICIAL Governmental Engineering University recruits NEW students for following Engineering Majors
 Key Official Medicial University - Best-value MBBS program, Limited Positions,  Admission is competitive (GPA >B), APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO GET A SPACE

The University is located in Beijing-Hebei area, only 2.5 hours train to Capital Beijing, nice and pretty campus in a beautiful coastal city. You will like her as all students do.

Best-value MBBS: Tuition fee: 32000rmb(5079USD) per year; Accommodation: 4500-6500rmb(714-1031USD)per year; food: 120-140USD a MONTH

Contact us IMMEDIATELY! WhatsApp:  +86 18032911295 Skype: email: 
Excellent MBBS Program - one of the earliest Official MBBS approved by China Government. Now the university has over 12000 students on campus. Begun to recruit oversea students as early as 1997, and The Ministry of Education of China officially approved "English taught Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)" at the university in 2012. Now days more than 1500 oversea students from 57 countries are studying in the university. 

Comfortable and clean campus housing, delicious and healthy foods

We charge 0 (NOTHING) for your application, you pay all things directly to the UNIVERSITY! Contact us IMMEDIATELY to see if you can get a position:  WhatsApp:  +86 18032911295, Skype:; email:

English-taught Master Programs, contact us for a good supervisor now: WhatsApp: +86 18032911295  Skype:  Email:

             We have partial Scholarships for Master students!  Please Contact us as soon as possible.

Best-Value Engineering University in Beijing area(5 hours train) offers following Excellent English taught programs: Aeronauical Eng(1. Aircraft Manufacturing; 2. Aircraft Maintanence); Computer Science; International Economics & trade; Mechanical Eng; Art Design; Telecommunication; Electronics Eng; Automation

About the University

The university has 1,600 staff, 900 of which are academic, and boasts an attendance of more than 20,000 students. While focusing on engineering disciplines, the scope has been enhanced with curricula covering such areas as science, management and liberal arts. The university has 44 disciplines for undergraduate study, 50 disciplines for master degrees, and joint programs for PhDs.Our degrees are recognized around the world.


The University is also proud of its Aircraft Maintenance Center, which is the only one in China approved by the China Civil Aviation Authority to issue licenses to maintain helicopters. Authorization of fixed-wing aircraft maintenance licenses is anticipated soon. There are 30 aircrafts provided for the students to practice with on the campus. We have established cooperation with many companies and institutes including the biggest Aero-engine Group Corporation, the AVIC Aircraft Corporation, and have developed a network of 50 partnerships to provide practical training opportunities both inside and outside the campus.

The university employs a number of foreign teachers who contribute to both the academic and cultural life of the school community. At present, there are over 1222 international students from 71 countries studying Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chinese Culture, etc,. These students, with their diverse cultural backgrounds, contribute to the broad international focus of the university.

Academic Programs and fee structures

University Foundation Program - after one year study, students will enter Bachelor degree program

We offer 6 English-taught Graduate Programs (2.5 years)

1 Aeronautical Engineering

2 Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering

3 Mechanical Engineering

4 Computer Science & Technology

5 Business Management

6 Environment Energy Engineering

We offer 9 English-taught undergraduate Programs (4 years)

1. Aeronauical Eng (Aircraft Manufacturing); 

2. Aeronauical Eng (Aircraft Maintanence);

3. Computer Science; 

4. International Economics & trade; 

5. Mechanical Eng; 

6. Art Design; 

7. Telecommunication Eng; 

8. Electronics Eng;   

9. Automation 

Application Contact:

WhatsApp: +86 18032911295  Skype:  Email:

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The Only Available Programs/Courses taught in English
From Sept., 2014  we will start a Bachelor course/Program in following Fields, only we teach these in English in China 

1. Bachelor program in Law taught on English

2. Bachelor Program in Public Administration/Relations taught in English

3. Bachelor Program in Foreign Affairs /International Relations taught in English

For detailed information of the above programs/courses - contact us:


4. Province Scholarships for Ph.D. students in  Electrical Engneering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Accounting, Computer science and Engineering, if interested in, contact us asap.

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