Waive Application Fee for early Applications!

Tuition fee only 18000rmb(2608USD)

Excellent University offers Art Design taught in English including: Fashion Design; Industrial Design; Product Design; Environmental Design; Advertisement; Visual Communication Design; Animation; Performance (Model); and The Art of Digital Media)

How to Apply for Scholarships: 

1. First tell us what field you plan to study

2. Most scholarships are partial, even if we waive all of tuition, you STILL need to buy your food (120 - 150 USD per MONTH),and pay your accommodation(650-1100 USD /YEAR), when YOU decide to contact us, please well consider your financial ability 

3. Send us the required documents

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University in Beijing Offers following majors taught in English. All majors have Scholarships starting from second year, based on your grades and performance. Maximum is full tuition fee waiver.

1. Intl Economics and Trade - tuition fee 26000rmb/y

2. Art Design(Visual Communication design, Environmental design, Product design,   

    the Clothing design), tuition fee 29600rmb/y

3. Architecture  Tuition fee 29600rmb/y

4. Electronic Info Engineering  Tuition fee 29600rmb/y

5. MBA  tuition fee 30000rmb/y

Bachelor Scholarships(all taught in English): Computer Science: Tuition 1354USD/y;  Intl Economics &Trade: Tuition 1354USD/y;   Civil Eng. Tuition : 1354USD/y;   Chinese Learning:  Tuition 692USD/y only; 

Master Scholarship: Partial/Full Tuition Fee Waiver In Following Fields All taught in English

Accounting, Agricultural Engineering, Applied Economics,  Finance,  Industrial economics, Basic medicine, Business Administration, Biology, Chinese Materia Medica, Clinical MedicineComputer Science & Technology.....

PH.D. Full Tuition Fee Waiver for Sept.,2017 Intake for Following Fields All taught in English: Management Science,  Environmental Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Human Resources, Control Science, Agriculture, Thermal Engineering, Food Science, Biomaterial Science, Chemical Engineering........ 

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Official China Governmental University offers Tuition fee deduction in following English taught Majors:

Bachelor degree (Nationality limited)

International Economics and trade;  Computer Science and Technology

Business Administration;  Civil Engineering; Machine Designing and Manufacturing

Master degree and Ph. D. in all Majors

Full Tuition fee Waiver for Ph.D. students in Computer Science and Technology

Students who are Interested in contact us asap (we need completed application documents, if you can not submit completed docs, do not bother; After awarding the tuition deductions, you have to pay application fee, if you can not do this, please do not contact)



Tuition deduction Scholarships (Nationality limited) 
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rom Sept., 2014  we will start a Bachelor course/Program in following Fields, only we teach these in English in China 

1. Bachelor program in Law taught on English

2. Bachelor Program in Public Administration/Relations taught in English

3. Bachelor Program in Foreign Affairs /International Relations taught in English

For detailed information of the above programs/courses - contact us:


4. Province Scholarships for Ph.D. students in  Electrical Engneering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Accounting, Computer science and Engineering, if interested in, contact us asap.

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