We know almost every China University and China college very well. We know their past, their present, and their future - where they will be going. THIS IS WHY WE CAN BEST HELP YOU! If you can not find the English taught program in your specific field, leave US a message or talk with US oneline; If you can not find a good Master program, leave US a message or talk with US onine; If you feel difficult to find an English speaking SUPERVISOR for your PH.D. studies, still leave US a message or talk with US online; If you just want Professional training instead of a degree study, still leave US a message or talk with US. WHAT MAKES US SO SPECIAL? 

FIRST, Some of our staffs were the 1977 batch students of China university which is very special in China Education history! Now many China university and college President, Provost, and higher administrator, or even some National leaders are from this batch students, not to mention the numerious Professors in all of the China universities and colleges. That batch students are the core strength of all China universities and colleges, China scientific researches, and China society. They are the ellite of all classes in China. They witness the development and success of China university and college. They know evey university's PAST, PRESENT, and the FUTURE! Therefore, they can best help you. They can do what others can not to assist your studies in this country. 

SECOND, we have a close partnership with China top universities - best engineering universities, China MBBS / BDS programs, Chinese teaching Universities, top science universities. We can best assist you to study in China (Download China University Application Form). We help you find English taught programs in MBBS, BDS, engineering,management (BBA, MBA), finance, economics, marketing, accounting, International relations, Foreign affairs, environmental science and engineering, information science, software engineering, computer science, telecommunication, civil engineering, petroleum, chemical engineering, elctronics engineering,electrical engineering, automotive, mechanical engieering, etc. Talk with us online, we provide one stop service for your study in China. 

FURTHER, Eric, a senior consultant of this center, has advanced degree from one of the top 5 schools in China and has advanced degree from one of top 10 universities in USA, worked and studied in more than three different universities in USA and one in New Zealand for more than a decade, with deep understanding of oversea student’s unique need for excellent education. All of our employees have Bachelor degree or above from well known university in this country and are experts in education. We have deep knowledge of China Colleges and Universities, Professional schools, Technology Colleges, High schools and primary schools over China. 

Our Consulting Center, located in Jinzhou city which is two and half hour drive to Beijing, is the first agent in China approved by China Authority for recruiting oversea students for more than 1500 Colleges and Universities, professional schools, high schools and primary schools National-wide in China. Jinzhou Consulting Service Center of Five Continents Information has close partnership with top Language Learning Schools(Normal Universities) which have more than 3 decade experience in teaching Chinese as 2nd language in this country. We have established official relationship with best Schools/universities of Arts and Science, Business, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Chinese Medicine, MBBS programs, Education, Agriculture, ….. 

If you want to quickly improve your Chinese skills or take some classes in advanced Chinese training, we are here right for you. We are able to put you in such a class which well fit your requirements. 

You may want to study in Chinese history; Chinese Philosophy; Religious Studies/ Chinese Buddhism, Logics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Taoism, Confucius works, Chinese arts, Wushu(Kong Fu),International relation Studies, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs,Management/MBA, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Law, Chinese Legal System, Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, China’s Social Work and social policy, China Folklore, Oral History Research, Political science, Public administration, Public policy, Public economics, Urban and regional management, Political economy, Human Development, Education,Journalistic Communication, Advertising, New Media and Internet Communication, Media Management, Publishing and Editing, Population Sciences, Statistics, Population and Economy, Aging and Social Problems,Resource and Environment Economics, Gerontology, Ancient Architecture , Relics Conservation, Museology , Archaeology , Environmental science, Geology, Geophysics, Remote Sensing, GIS, Ecology, Geography, Life science, Library Science, Information Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or whatever, you can expect a good match with the affiliated excellent schools to us. 

Chinese medicine is a popular subject which continues to attract talented students over the world to study recent years. We are affiliated with the oldest Medical Schools, the top research schools, the best teaching schools in this country. After you invest 3-6 years in the schools we recommend, no doubts you will be equipped for a good doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (five years), Acupuncture and Massage ( five years), Clinic Medicine of Integration of T.C.M & W.M( five years), Chinese Pharmacology (four years). We can find Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture programs taught in English. 

The MBBS programs have the options - teaching in English or in Chinese. 

You also can establish sound background for a Doctor in Clinic Medicine ( five years), Stomatology ( five years), Anesthesiology ( five years), Preventive Medicine ( five years), Medical Imaging ( five years), Medical Test Science ( five years), Forensic Medicine (five years) , Advanced Nursing Science (four years), Pharmacology (four years), and Pharmaceutics (four years) in any of the schools we recommended. 

Some students have a strong interest in acupuncture/Chinese Medicine after they finish their MBBS so that they spend 1-2 years above their MBBS for a Acupuncture certificate or degree. The schools affiliated with us are the only place on this world to combine these two different medicines which are different in treatment philosophy but effective in common. 

For those students who actively pursue an engineering career instead of a Doctor in a hospital or science professional, we are sure you that you also have the broad choice with excellent programs. You even can specialize in a field in School of Astronautics such as Control Science and Engineering, Astronautics Engineering, Astronautics Science and Mechanics (ASM) , Science and Technology in Optoelectronic Information, Microelectronics Science and Technology. Or you may focus your thesis in a program in School of Mechatronics Engineering such as Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Fluid Control and Automation, Engineering Machinery and Logistics Technology. You can get a Ph.D. from School of Materiasl Science and Engineering, School of Energy Science and Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering , School of Architecture , School of Transportation Science and Engineering , School of Computer Science and Technology , School of Software, School of Electronics and Information Technology, School of Food Science and Engineering. In addition, if your Chinese skills are not good enough at the beginning, we can best assist you in searching a program with English teaching. 

Even if you may only want to do some advanced research in a special area/field, we would like to assist you for such an opportunity in China. We are experts in education and have the best knowledge/information about China colleges/universities. 

You may also concern the student/ faculty ratio, Opportunities to interact with professors, or Opportunities for undergraduate research, or the teaching style of their professors. We will tell you the inside information. 

In addition to the academic concerns above, we, as ex-students , fully understand your other cares such as Tuition Cost, living/accommodation expense, the safety, TRANSPORTATION, the length, accreditation, resources available such as libraries, computers, internet, bars, clubs, shops and societies, a beautiful campus, beautiful city, good food, campus sports like rock climbing, amateur dramatics, International student rate, male vs female ratio, student populations, climate, intern possibilities, urban vs rural, International student services, whatever in your mind, just talk with us. We are English speaking. Feel free to call us /email us/Skype us/MSN us with any questions you may have on your plan to study in a school in China. 

Jinzhou Consulting Service Center of Intercontinental Information will do our best in all means to find the most appropriate school in the flied/area for every students who get in touch with us. Our promise is that you will always get satisfied from us.