China University Tuition, Fees & years needed

The tuition in different universities and in different programs are quite diverse. For example, although the tuition of MBBS programs is between 18000rmb - 30000rmb/year,  the tuition in MBBS of Fudan university is 75000rmb/year.
1USD = 6.20 rmb at this moment 

In same university, the tuition in different programs is different too.  Usually the tuition in Engineering is little higher. between 20000rmb/year - 30000rbm/year.
The accommodation cost is much different too, it solely depends on which city - usually it is much more expensive in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou...

For example:
In Beijing, the housing cost is around 1600-2400 rmb/month
In Shanghai, it is about 2400-2800 rmb/month
However in some small cities, it can be as cheaper as 600 rmb/month
The food cost is almost same over the country - around 550-700 rmb/month will be enough.
There are some small costs:  like Insurance  - 600rmb/year,  registration fee around 400rmb; and some others which are around couple of hundren rmb. No big costs.

Usually you need 4 years to get your Bachelor degree (MBBS is 6years including internship of last year, some MBBS 5years); for Master degree usually 2 - 3 years is needed; Doctor degree will need 3 more years after your Master study.
What we will do for you are:
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