How to Apply for Admission to China University

1. Talk with us online in details
    Skype:;  MSN:
Clearly tell us your unique requirements for the university in China. You should try to transfer as much as possible information to us such as the academic standards /university ranking; Major, Tuition, Accommodation, Food, School facilities like Internet, Library, Computer, Bars, Clubs they prefer; School environment like Urban vs Rural, Society, Student/faculty ratio, Student population, International student ratio and services, Climate you like; Classes taught in English medium or in Chinese you look for; or whatever you may concern; and also their academic and other information.

2. Email us your application documents:
The documents for Bachelor degree include:
1. Copy of your passport (Scanned copy)
2. Your Grades in your high school or university 
3. Your certificate in high school or university (if not available now, you can add it later)
4. (after we confirm your admission) processing fee

The documents for Master or Doctor degree include:
1. Copy of your passport (Scanned copy)
2. Your Grades in your university 
3. Your degree certificate in university (if not available now, you can add it later)
4. Two recommendation letters from your Professor and/or Employer
5. Your study plan 
6. (after confirming your amdission) Pay Processing fee

3. We will carefully review all of your documents and then discuss with you about all of the choices including PART Time working opportunities
4. You pay the processing fee and we EXPRESS the Admission Letter and your jw202 to you.

5. You pick up a visa from China Embassy near you.

6. Tell us your flight schedule, our staff meet you at airport

7. Campus life assistances(for first year) 


Part Time Jobs, Internships, and Scholarships


We only help our students who applied for admission through our service and we have admitted for these opportunities.

The materials we need for part time jobs and Internships is your detailed CV / Resume.  Another neccessary skill is that you must have high English proficiency - specially Oral English (English is your native or official language).
Scholarship is very very competitive!  Only you are very excellent, we will recommend you for this opportunity. If you are not so excellent, frankly to say, the chance is very slim.
Each year we do help our students for part time jobs and internships as well as scholarhsip.
Also the most important thing with us is that we help you for jobs too after you finish your program