What You must Know for application

In 2018, officially there are 2138 Universities and Institutes in China. Among these 2138 universities and Institutes, 841China universities can award Bachelor degree. Among these 841universities, some can award Master or Doctor degree.To choose a university is very important decision in ones life! Unfortunately there is no book or introduction materials similar to Petersons Guide to universities and graduate schools in USA, which details all of information about the universities for Bachelor and the graduate school for Master / PH.D.To choose your ideal university in China, the BEST thing is that you know Chinas education history. China education bassically has four important stages: If you know the universities and Institues in China between before 1949; between 1949 -1966; 1966-1978; 1978-2012, then you have enough knowledge about China university migration. and then you can easily choose the BEST university for yourself. If you do not know this, facing more than 2000 universites, it is very difficult to choose the right one. Because the universities which advertises broadly on Internet may not be a good one, but they first catch your eyes. Only you know their past/history and their present, you can make the good choices.


We will help you. We were professors in universities and have witnessed the migration of China universities these years. We know their past, present, and even their future. We know which universities are "211" universites, which are "985" universities, which were the key universities in 1949-1966, which were the key universities in 1966-1978 and 1978 - 2012. We can BEST help you.