@China University Visiting Trip Program

(Choose your university Yourself, and decide your future Yourself)

Some students get admitted into a China university through local Agent in their country. But later after they arrive in China and attend the university, they regretfully find many problems with the university:


1.      the university is not as good as the local agent told them before they come to China.  

2.      the university has too many students from a same country

3.      the university environment is not what they like

4.      the university housing has problem

5.      the university food has problem6.      …….etc


In one’s life, choosing an ideal university is important decision because it will have great deal with your studies and also will affect your future even the whole life.  Every one expects to spend 4 or 6 years in a dream university and has a good memory of the student’s days while they receive as much knowledge as possible.

Unfortunately, to most oversea students, their choices are much limited by the local agent. To fully assist these students to make the critical decision in their life, we set up a new Pre–colleges program. This is 1 month or 2 months program with following contents:


1.      Review China universities –review each university features, history, city, facility, quality, environment, food, housing, we use English/Chinese to introduce related China universities to you.

2.      Visit/interview universities in person/talk with the admission officers as well as the students on campus – our staff will accompany you to visit the universities you have interests – so that you get admitted into one of your ideal universities.

3.      Intensive Chinese practice/learn some Chinese which is necessary for you to live, study, or travel in Chinese environment

4.      Chinese culture and customer introduction (delivered in English and Chinese) which will give you an idea about this country

5.      China Scholarship(Full scholarship and half Scholarship)Application(Application period - Now to Feb., 2011)

6.      Part time job opportunity searching and landing(we help you for part time working opportunities)– now it is legally allowed to do part time job in China.

For more detailed info, please talk with our staff on Skype(cn.tcm.academy) or MSN(kexin95@hotmail.com) or call us 13230481935


Procedure Details:

(1)    If you plan to start your study Spring semester(March 1), 2018, you should arrive in China before Feb. 1, 2018 to attend the one month or two months program;  if you plan to start in Fall semester(Sept. 1), 2018, you should arrive before August 1, 2018, by a traveling visa or a student visa (consulting us about the visa). To get rid of any worries, we may issue you an admission to a university first (later you switch to the dream university you choose after visiting several universities). Please tell us your detailed flight information in 4 days advance so that our staff can meet you at any airport in China..

(2)    We will arrange you into room with charge of 45rmb(6.7 USD)/day in Beijing; Then while visiting Beijing famous sight seeing sites, we give you an overview of China universities. You choose 3-4 universities you are most interested in.

(3)    Our staff will accompany you to visit these university campus and talk with the admission officers as well as students. You decide which one to attend.

(4)    You pay us, and we get the admission for you


(5)    We and the university together change the visa for you in one month. 

(6)    We find possible part time job for you.


Jinzhou Consulting Center of Five Continents Information