How I pay the tuition & fee

After you arrive on campus, you pay tuition and other fee DIRECTLY to your university, and pay EXACTLY SAME AS any other students pay.


As to how you bring your money to China, we strongly suggest you not to bring cash, because it is not convenient for international trip. Some students do bring cash to China (you should take care of your money on the road); Some students pay by credit card; Some student use Western Union or Moneygram to transfer the money from their country to China - this is easy way, but little processing fee is involved.


Because they just arrive in China and not familiar with the environment, some students have some difficulty to deal with Bank and Agent in China, they asked their family to send money to us first and then transfer to them. USUALLY WE DO NOT HELP THIS, because it will leave a record of us with China Government. However, we will do our BEST to help you to solve this issue for you. Our staff helped you to deal with China Bank staff directly, you do not need to worry about this much!


We ask all students to pay the univerity year by year, because this will give them longer visa(Residency permit) so thata they do not need to renew the visa(Residency permit) in a short time.