Your Visa Issue-We BEST assist You to get smoothly

After you submit ALL required documents and pay the processing fee, we will EXPRESS your official admission letter and jw202 to you within 10 working days.

In most countries, after you get your official admission letter and jw202,  you go to a China Embassy near you to apply. The Embassy will need Visa application form finished by you, Sponsor-letter, Bank Proof, plus the admission letter and jw202. That is enough! But some Embassy may need you to show Health Inspection results and no-crime record certificate. You should inquire the EMBASSY near you to see the exact list of documents needed.

In addition, in one or two countries, the China Embassy has additional requirements such as your proof of  one year tuition deposit with our University and a China Agent guaranttee letter... If in this case, we will do our BEST to send you such documents. We did this for Bric before and he is studying in China now.

But in most counrties and most cases, you do not need these, the admission letter and jw202 are enough