Documents required for admissions

Submit ALL documents IN TIME. We need all documents - not partial documents. If your documents are not completed within a reasonable time period, we will delete them because we lack space in our computer to save so many applications and we do not want to waste our space for non-serious students.

The documents for Bachelor degree include:

1. First 7 pages of your passport (Scanned copy)

2. Your Grades in your high school or university 

3. Your certificate in high school or university (if not available now, you can add it later)4. Application form

5. (after we confirm your admission) processing fee

The documents for Master or Doctor degree include:

1. First 7 pages of your passport (Scanned copy)

2. Your Grades in your university 

3. Your degree certificate in university (if not available now, you can add it later)

4. Two recommendation letters from your Professor and/or Employer (for some programs only)

5. Your study plan (for some programs only)6. Application form

7. (after confirming your amdission) Pay Processing fee 

Note: it is your responsibility to submit all documents required. DO NOT EMAIL US PARTIAL DOCUMTNS, email all of them together! Send all of your scaned documents to this email -    our staff will read emails and reply you in time. YOU SHOULD RESPONSE TO US IN TIME TOO! OTHERWISE we will consider you a not serious applicant because some students only waste our time, not response us in time, or disappear long time, we do not know what is going on at all. Join our Skype or MSN because we need to discuss with you from time to time untill you arrive here.



Application Documents you need to submit

Note 1 - it is your resposibility to submit all docs required in time

Note 2 - your transcripts should show the subjects you learnt and grades you got year by year, if you missed one semester or one year or two... during your studies, please write a note on it, so that we can easily and clearly know what happened. The universities are all good offcial universities! We only admit students into good universities - all universities are Government-Universities- no private university!  All universities are approved by China Ministry of Education, and recognized World-wide! How long I can get the offer? After you submit COMPLETED application documents and pay the processing fee, usually within 10 working days, we will EXPRESS your official admission letter and your jw202 to you.