Application Procedures - WE 100% GUARANTTEE your admission

First WE 100% GUARANTTEE your admission1. Scan your application documents and email them to ( and tell us what you want to learn  - no matter what major you want to study, we will do our BEST to find the Cheapest & BEST university taught in English from 2138 China Universities for You. 

2. Pay the half processing fee (at airport when we pick up you, you pay another half processing fee), if you worry about your moeny, you can sign an agreement with us which protect your interests and our interests (also you can talk with our previous oversea students to confirm our services - they are already studying in China now),  Note: BEFORE YOU SIGN AND PAY THE HALF PROCESSING FEE, WE DO NOT SHARE ANY INFORMATION WITH YOU, we do not have free consulting service. 

3.After you pay the Half processing fee - 

(1) Our ADMISSION EXPERTS will FULLY discuss with You the RANKING of all available China Universities taught in English in your speciality/Major

(2) We will give you as much information about the possible universities as possible.

(3) Then we will give you - a BEST UNIV.,  several BEST-VALUE UNIVERSITIES, a CHEAPER/CHEAPEST UNIVERSITY to choose

(4)After you consider these choices, you finally decide one - the dream university - the BEST one chosen from 2138 China universities so that you will be happy all the time,  not like other students - after they arrived in China and enrolled in the University chosen through other Agents , they found the UNIVERSITY is not like what they was told by their Agent AT ALL, and they asked us to help them transfer to other universities - but the transfering process is ver very bothering. We do not encourage transfering, because it will bother yourself and bother two universities too - the old univ. and the new univ.(also you may be not able to transfer all credits to the new university - thereofore waste your time and your money). Through us, we ensure that you find your dream university at one time!

(5)We issue You official Admission offer of the university you choosed.

4.We express the official offer and JW202 to you 

5.We assist you to get your visa from a Nearest China Embassy (you do not have to get the visa in your home country)

6.You book your flight and we confirm your housing on campus 

7.We meet you at airport, you pay the remaining half processing fee and we assist you to smoothly reach your campus housing.

8.We continue to serve you for the first year - such as landing a Part time Job, Bank account, Phone Card, internet connection, Money transfer, Hospital assistances(hope not), deal with administration in housing, assistance in traveling in China, heating problem in housing, help to deal with police, buy computer in china, residence permit issue, program changing,  universitiy changing....