What We Can Do For You

What We Can Do For You

What Specials We Can Do For You?WE provide One-Stop Service to YOUR JOURNEY OF "STUDY IN CHINA"- China University admission -> Visa application -> Campus housing arrangement -> Airport Pick Up -> First year Management and assistance - We make your Journey from your home to your university in China a safe, smooth, and joyfull Journey! You only need to buy a flight itcket in home.

If only admission to a random school, you can easily do it through other agents or do it yourself. But what we do for you is not only ADMISSION to a univ., We help you to choose the BEST university from 1000+ universities, which is not so easy. We choose the Cheapest University for You. We help you to Transfer Credits to China University. We choose a University in a Special City like Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou... for you. We help You for Part Time Jobs if you have high English proficiency.  In all, we choose the university solely according to your unique SEARCHING requirements. We do what others can not do for you.

We help you find -Best University

Best Value University 

Cheapest University

University with Part time Opportunity


Best Science University

Best Engineering

Special University in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou....

University near Yiwu

University in Cold region

University in Hot region

Best University in Northeast

Best university in Central Part

Best University in South Part

Best University in Southwest

Best University in East

Best University in West