China University

To choose a university is very important for your future. Therefore, you need our help to find the BEST university from 2138 China universities. If just picking up a university freewheelingly, you can do it yourself, no need anyothers to do it for. Tell us what special university and program you are looking for:The BEST university or program in my specialty/majorThe Cheapest China University in my specialty/majorThe BEST-Value China University in my specialty/majorThe BEST university in South / North/ East /West /Central part of ChinaThe BEST MBBS program in China - we choose one from all of the China Ministry of Education recognized listThe Cheapest MBBS program in China - we choose one from all of the China Ministry of Education recognized listThe BEST Engineering / Science China UniversityThe Cheapest Engineering / Science China University taught in EnglishTell us whatever you are looking for, we BEST help you!WE are Graduate from Top China university and TOP American University, and we have been teaching in China university and American University for more than a decade, we can BEST help you.

1 Peking University 

2 Renmin University of China (People’s University of China) 

3 Tsinghua University 

4 Beijing Jiaotong University (Northern Jiaotong University)

5 University of Science & Technology Beijing 

6 China University of Petroleum, Beijing 

7 Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications  

8 North China Electric Power University 

9 Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

10 China Agricultural University 

11 Beijing Forestry University 

12 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

13 Beijing Normal University 

14 Beijing Foreign Studies University 

15 Beijing Language and Culture University 

16 University of International Business and Economics 

17 Central University of Finance and Economics 

18 China University of Political Science and Law 

19 Minzu University of China 

20 Chinese People’s Public Security University 

21 Peking Union Medical College 

22 Beijing Sport University 

23 Beijing Institute of Technology 

24 Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

25 Beijing Information Science & Technology University 

26 Beijing Technology and Business University 

27 Beijing Union University 

28 Beijing University of Technology 

29 North China University of Technology 

30 Capital Medical University 

31 Capital Normal University 

32 Capital University of Economics and Business 

33 Communication University of China 

34 University of International Relations 

35 China Central Academy of Fine Arts 

36 The Central Academy of Drama 

37 Central Conservatory of Music 

38 Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute 

39 China Foreign Affairs University 

40 China Institute of Industrial Relations 

41 China Youth University for Political Sciences 

42 China Women’s University 

43 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 

44 Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture  

45 Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication 

46 Shougang Institute of Technology 

47 Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology 

48 Beijing University of Agriculture

49 Capital Institute of Physical Education 

50 Beijing International Studies University 

51 Beijing Wuzi University 

52 Beijing Police Academy 

53 China Conservatory 

54 Beijing Film Academy

55 Beijing Dance Academy

56 The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

57 Beijing City University

58 Beijing Youth Politics College

59 Beijing Jiaotong Vocation Technical College 

60 Beijing Polytechnic College

61 Beijing Information Technology College

62 Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science

63 Beijing Science Technology and Management College

64 Beijing Vocational Institute of Local Opera and Arts

65 Beijing Huijia University

66 Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security

67 University for Science & Technology Beijing 

68 Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture

69 Beijing Institute of Economic Management

70 Beijing Yuan Ming Yuan University

71 Beijing Jiaotong Vocation Technical College 

72 Peking University Founder Technology College

73 Beijing Institute of Business and Technology

74 Beijing College of Sports

75 Northern Beijing Vocational Education Institute

76 Beijing Professional Business Institute

77 Beijing Vocational College of Finance and Commerce

78 Beijing Modern Vocational and Technical College

79 Beijing Vocational College of Social Management

80 Beijing Geely University

81 Beijing Bailie University

82 Beijing College of Politics and Law

1 Nankai University

2 Tianjin University

3 Civil Aviation University of China

4 Tianjin Polytechnic University

5 Tianjin University of Science and Technology 

6 Tianjin University of Technology 

7 Tianjin Medical University

8 Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

9 Tianjin Normal University

10 Tianjin University of Technology and Education

11 Tianjin Foreign Studies University

12 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

13 Tianjin University of Commerce

14 Tianjin Tianshi College

15 Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction 

16 Tianjin Agricultural University

17 Tianjin University of Sport

18 Tianjin Conservatory of Music

19 Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

20 Tianjin Medical College

21 Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College 

22 Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College

23 Tianjin Binhai Polytechnic Institute

24 Tianjin Electronic Information Vocational Technology College 

25 Tianjin Public Security Vocational Police College

26 Tianjin Modern Vocational and Technology College

27 Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute

28 Tianjin Vocational College of Mechanics and Electricity

29 Tianjin Vocational Institute

30 Tianjin Transportation Vocational College

31 Tianjin Vocational College of Arts and Crafts

32 Tianjin Urban Construction Management & Vocation Technology College 

33 Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area Polytechnic

34 Tianjin Art Vocational College

35 Tianjin Broadcasting TV and Film Institute

36 Tianjin Institute of Biological Engineering

37 Tianjin Maritime Vocational College

38 Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College 

39 Tianjin City Vocational College

40 Tianjin Metallurgical Vocation-Technology Institute

41 Tianjin Petroleum Vocational and Technical College

42 Tianjin Land Resources and House Vocational College 

43 Tianjin Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade

44 Tianjin Youth Professional College

45 Tianjin Zhong-De Vocational Technology Institute

1 Hebei University

2 Hebei University of Technology

3 Yanshan University

4 Hebei United University

5 Hebei University of Science and Technology

6 Hebei University of Engineering

7 Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

8 Agricultural University of Hebei 

9 Hebei Medical University

10 Hebei Normal University

11 Hebei University of Economics & Business

12 Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Academy

13 The Central Institute for Correctional Police

14 Institute of Disaster-Prevention Science and Technology

15 North China Institute of Science and Technology

16 Shijiazhuang University of Economics

17 North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering

18 Hebei Institute of Architecture Civil Engineering

19 Chengde Medical University

20 Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology

21 Cangzhou Teachers College

22 Langfang Teachers College

23 Xingtai University

24 Hebei Teachers Training College for Nationalities

25 Tangshan Teachers College

26 Hebei College of Finance

27 Hebei Institute of Physical Education 

28 Hebei Institute of Communication

29 Hebei North University

30 Tangshan College

31 Shijiazhuang University

32 Hengshui University

33 Handan College

34 Baoding University

35 Cangzhou Medical College

36 Hebei Engineering and Technical College 

37 Chengde Petroleum College

38 Xingtai Medical College

39 Shijiazhuang Medical College

40 Shijiazhuang People’s Medical College

41 Chengde Nursing Vocational College

42 Hebei Chemical & Pharmaceutical College

43 Handan Junior college College

44 Xingtai Polytechnic College

45 Hebei College of Energy and Professional Technology

46 Shijiazhuang Vocational and Technical College

47 Cangzhou Vocational College of Technology

48 Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College

49 Hebei College of Industry and Technology

50 Baoding Vocational and Technical College 

51 Shijiazhuang Institute of Railway Technology

52 Hebei Professional College of Political Science and Law

53 Shijiazhuang Computer Vocational College

54 Hebei Vocational and Technical College of Building Materials

55 Shijiazhuang Post & Telecommunication Technical College

56 Hebei Vocational and Technical College of Petroleum

57 Hebei Software Institute

58 Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College

59 Hengshui Vocational and Technical College

60 Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Law and Commerce

61 Qinhuangdao Institute of Technology

62 Hebei Vocational Art College 

63 Hebei Tourism Vocational College

64 Langfang Oriental Institute of Technology

65 Botou Vocational College

66 Xuanhua Science & Technology Vocational College

67 Shijiazhuang Foreign Affairs Vocational College

68 Hebei Women’s Vocational College

69 Shijiazhuang Foreign Languages Institute

70 Shijiazhuang Vocational College for Scientific and Technical Engineering

71 Tangshan Vocational And Technical College

72 Hebei Jiaotong Vocational & Technical College

73 Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Foreign Language Translation

74 Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

75 Shijiazhuang Institute of Technology

76 Shijiazhuang Science and Information College

77 Jizhong Vocational College

78 Baoding University of Science and Technology

79 Hebei Vocational College of Public Security Police

80 Hebei Vocational College of Foreign Languages

81 North China Baoding Electric Power Voc. & Tech. College

82 Shijiazhuang Science & Technology Vocational College

83 Hebei Vocational College for Correctional Police

84 Hebei Vocational College of Labour Relations

85 Shijiazhuang Oriental Academy of Fine Arts

86 Shijiazhuang Foreign Economy and Trade Vocational College

87 Langfang Polytechnic Institute

88 Bohai Petroleum Vocational College 

89 Hebei Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology

90 Tangshan Vocational College of Science and Technology

91 Shijiazhuang Information Engineering Vocational College

92 Langfang Yanjing Vocational and Technical College