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University Information

As one of the top Chinese comprehensive universities, we offer excellent facilities, high-quality education, outstanding research and a very warm welcome. The University is among the first group admitted into both Project 211, a project of building national key universities and colleges for the 21stcentury, and Project 985, a joint constructive project of building world-class universities co-sponsored by the Chinese central government and local governments. Approved by the State Council, the university was established on April 29, 2000 by merging three separate universities: Hu Medical University, A Railway University, and A University of Technology. University covers an area of 5,117 mu (341 hectares). HU Medical University was formerly under the administration of the Ministry of Health. Its history dates back to 1914 when XiaMedicalCollegewas founded through the joint efforts of Hu Society and the Yale-China Association in theUnited States. The railway university was one of the universities under the administration of the Ministry of Railways, initially restructured in 1953 asCentralCollegeof Civil Engineering and Architecture, was established in 1960 based on some of its predecessor’s departments, teaching and research divisions. TheUniversityofTechnology, which was one of universities under the administration of the Ministry of Education, was originally anInstituteofMiningand Metallurgy in 1952 when a nationwide restructuring of institutes of higher education began. It was incorporated based on the disciplines of mining and metallurgy from six universities, which includingWuhanUniversity,SunYat-senUniversity,Guangxi University,HunanUniversity,NanchangUniversityand Beijing College of Technology. We can take some time to show you the benefits of our new facilities and technology, to help you find the course that has the key to your future career door, and to prove to you that your higher education at our University more than matches the investment you put into it. We would also like to think that when you find the career that gives you the recognition, respect and reward you are looking for, you have fond memories of how you got there and the people you travelled with.

Tuition and Fees information

Program NameMBBS

Teaching languageEnglish

Years of Study6

Starting DateSept., Fall

Application deadlineJuly

Tuition Fee4838USD/year

Accommodation1129USD/year single

Food80 – 129 USD/month

Insurance96.7 USD/year