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University Information

SMU was founded in October 1951 and notarized as one of the premier medical universities in 1978. The university was handed over to the local government of GuangdongProvinceand meanwhile renamed as SMU, in line with the command by the State Department and the Central Military Committee of PLA in August 2004. At present, the university has been authorized by the Department of Education as a key medical university.SMU is located at the foot of picturesqueBaiyunMountain. The main campus, together with its south campus in the southern suburb of the city, covers an area of nearly one million square meters. The university has been awarded the first-class garden-like university, for rows of green trees nourish and bouquets of flowers blossom on the campuses all through a year.SMU has established a complete system for fostering talent candidates of Bachelor's Degree of Medicine (M.B.), Master's Degree of Medicine (M.M.) and Doctoral Degree of Medicine (M.D.), with eight academic fields covering medicine, technology, science, law, management, arts, pedagogy and economics. The university system comprises 7 affiliated hospitals and 16 schools or colleges such as school of basic medicine, school of clinical medicine, school of biomedical engineering,schoolofChinesetraditional medicine (TCM) and school of public health. Apart from offering 23 majors for undergraduates, the university grants M.M. degree in 55 subjects, M. D. degree in 36 subjects as well as in another 4 first-class subjects, even with 4 academic stations for postdoctoral research 

Tuition and Fees information

Program NameMBBS

Teaching languageEnglish

Years of Study6

Starting DateSept., Fall

Application deadlineJuly

Tuition Fee5161USD/year

Accommodation967USD/year shared

Food80 – 129 USD/month

Insurance96.7 USD/year

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