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University Information

Sichuan Universityis one ofChina’s key universities under the direct supervision of Ministry of Education. Located inWest China, it is identified as a key high-level comprehensive research university under Project 985 and Project 211.Sichuan University has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 11 categories, namely, liberal arts, science, engineering, medicine, economy, management, law, history, philosophy, agriculture and education. It consists of 30 colleges, including a postgraduate college and an overseas education college.SichuanUniversityhas 27 primary disciplines which offer doctor and master degrees. Besides, the University offers 229 doctoral programs, 346 master programs, 13 professional master’s programs, 126 undergraduate programs, and 28 post-doctoral research stations. It also has 46 national key disciplines and 4 national key cultivated disciplines. There are 4 affiliated hospitals to the university under the direct supervision of Ministry of Health.Sichuan University gathers many prominent scholars and professors. There are about 4000 full-time teachers, 1395 of whom have senior titles and1841 have doctor’s degrees, 13 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 Outstanding Professors, 3 experts from the 1000-elite Program, 18 professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, 9 Chair Professors, 6 Chief Scientists of 973 Project, 41 awardees of Young Scientists Fund and 10 awardees of National Award for Distinguished Teachers.Sichuan University (SCU) boasts a qualified faculty of over 3900 full-time teachers, including 993 full professors and 1437 associate professors, 12 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 “Sichuan University outstanding professors”, 3 professors of the national “one thousand scholars” program, 10 national outstanding teachers, 6 chief scientists of Project 973, 8 chief experts of “National Social Science Fund of Major Tender (Commission) Project”, 18 chair professors and 9 lecture professors of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 41 "Young and Middle-Aged Experts Nationally Acknowledged for Their Outstanding Achievements".

Tuition and Fees informationProgram NameMBBSTeaching languageEnglishYears of Study6Starting DateFallApplication deadlineApril 1Tuition Fee7258USD/yearAccommodation967 USD/y 3 shared; 1935USD/y singleFood80 – 129 USD/monthInsurance96.7 USD/year