Cheapest Official MBBS approved by China Ministry of Education




At this time, There are 50 OFFICIAL MBBS Universities approved by China Ministry of Education and recognized by WHO as well as by most countries.  Among these MBBS Universities:------------------------------------------------the highest tuition is 75000rmb/year,the Cheapest tuition is 18000rmb/year,the most expensive living is 2400 rmb/month,the cheapest living is only 500rmb/month,  the longest history is about more than 100 yearsthe youngest history is only a decadethe earliest MBBS has been more than 20 yearsthe newest one is approved last year or will be approved in 2013some universities are located in metroplisessome universities are located in small citiessome are in hot places but some in coldest locationsome......some.....-----------------------------------------------------After we receive your application documents and your half processing fee (Passport copy including a blank page of your passport; High school grades and certificate), WE WILL DISCUSS with YOU over these 50 Official MBBS Universities one by one, including the exact tuition & fee, living cost, teaching quality, faculty memeber and researching facilities, environment, and their ACADEMIC REGULATIONS.... so that YOU CAN Choose the BEST one from these MBBS universities. Some students got admitted through other Agents, but when they arrived in China and enrolled in the university, they found a variety of problems.1. The university is not as good as they was told before at all. The teaching quality is bad and they found the ranking is quite low.2. They was told that the university teaches the class solely in English, but unfortunately the classes are taught both in Chinese and some in English. Even in their first year, they only learn Chinese language.3. The dormitory is not goodThey contacted us to help them transfer to another university, but the transfering process is very bothering. The student already paid lot of money to the Agent or the university, if they transfer, they can not get the money back. Also because in their first year the only courses or most courses are chinese language, not medical courses, they have to start as fresh man at new university, it means that they waste one year time and money!4. Some students do not know the regulations in their university, after they have studied for couple of years, they know that if they fail in some courses, they can not do the last year hospital internship - it means that they can not get their degree. They cried and asked us for help to transfer to another university, but unfortunately, almost no university can allow transfering at higher year, it means, if they transfer, they have to start from lower years, thereofore they loose 2 or 3 years - got huge loss both in time and in money. WE do our BEST to avoid these terrible problems. All students with us follow exactly same procedures:(1) email us the application documents(2) we first do an initial review, and 100% sure their admission to an official MBBS/BDS/ Pharmacy programs(3) they pay the half processing fee(when we pick them up at airport, they pay another half)(4) WE WILL INTRODUCE ALL of the 50 official MBBS /BDS/Pharmacy universities on the list of China Ministry of Education to them one by one, so that they have very CLEAR idea about these universities, the regulations, tuition & fee, they understand everything. And then they make the BEST choice.  Therefore, they will be all happy during their studies.(5) For Master and Doctor students in Medical science, our expert team will spend time to find  the specielity with best quality. In addition, we have to spend time to find a supervisor/advisor who can speak good English. All students with us do their advanced studies(Master and Doctor studies) smoothly and happily!(6) Finally, we strongly suggest YOU to go with us, our processing fee is little higher than some of agents, but much lower than your local agent. However, with us, you 100% avoid the above ISSUES, YOU WIN!!(7) For some other students through other agents, if you have to transfer to another university, WE WILL DO our BEST to help YOU. But we do not encourage you to transfer because it is very bothering. If you have the RIGHT REASON, we still like to help you to save your future. For transfering students, you have to email us your VISA page in your passport and also tell us your EXACT reasons why you have to transfer. In addition, when we confirm your admission in new university, you have to get a NOC letter from your old university.